'PAS' Performance Analysis Score

PAS has the amazing record of having indicated all 20 LSE fully-listed bankruptcies since 2010

Equity Development’s parent company, NGR Capital (NGRC), is delighted to announce that it has secured the license to use and to develop Performance Analysis Score (PAS) from Professor Richard Taffler.

The PAS system has the amazing record of having indicated all of the 20 LSE fully-listed failures since 2010.

As an introductory offer, NGRC will send the PAS charts for three UK quoted companies that score materially below the PAS financial strength measurement threshold to those interested who register by sending their name to   info@ngrcapitalltd.com

NGR stands for ‘Next Generation Research’ and NGRC plans to develop a range of enhanced or new company research tools across a wide range of markets with Professor Taffler and Dr. Agarwal, who will join the NGRC Board.

The PAS is an indicator of a company’s financial strength. Its most attractive characteristic is that it produces graphics, the significance of which can be instantly absorbed - as can be seen from the following charts for Carillon and Conviviality.

On the charts, Red represents the average ‘solvency threshold’ for the company. Green is the PAS. Blue is the superimposed share price. As a rule of thumb, we say 'Green above blue may be time to accrue. Red above green, may be time to go lean.’

A company’s share price is strongly inclined to rise or fall over time to meet the company’s financial strength as indicated by the PAS.  Companies where the PAS is below the financial strength threshold for a year are rated as ‘at risk’ by PAS.


We hear tell of a single bank that lost £100m when Carillion collapsed and our hearts go out to its employees, sub-contractors and shareholders whose equity was wiped out.  PAS’ warning signals were all too apparent, as the chart shows:

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