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Acta, the Italian-based company, have developed revolutionary catalyst technology for the hydrogen infrastructure, and through its Acta Energy division is commercialising products that exploit this technology. In 2010, Acta entered the Italian solar PV market, and will pursue synergies between solar energy and its Hydrogen Infrastructure products, thus helping facilitate the Hydrogen Society. Acta has developed unique low-cost hydrogen generators, which in combination with its fuel cells, can be used to power land and water-based vehicles. This technology can also be used to provide energy storage for renewable energy installations. A variant of the electrolyser can be used to increase the efficiency of petrol and diesel engines, with significant reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions possible. The development of an ethanol reforming-based version of the system intended for the Brazilian market is underway under a product development and distribution partnership with Nelson Piquet, Torben Grael and a Brazilian engineering consultancy firm, with potential annual shipment volumes of tens of thousands. Acta signed a preliminary contract in March 2010 with SPF Energy S.p.A. ( a specialist renewable energy investment fund created and managed by the independent Italian bank Sopaf S.p.A.) for the installation of large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) parks in Italy. Subsequently, Acta acquired agreements, applications and authorizations for the installation of PV plants from Sun Global Service S.r.l., an engineering consultancy with whom Acta had been working to develop a PV consent pipeline. The impact on Acta's long term solar plans and the solar industry in Italy as a result of a chaotic introduction to FIT changes in March remains to be seen.

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