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Avacta is a UK-based provider of analytical services and innovative biopharmaceutical laboratory instrument platforms and consumables for drug development and industrial applications. It is also involved in a range of laboratory based tests to veterinary practices worldwide, along with point-of-care rapid immunoassay diagnostics. The latter address both companion animals (dogs, cats and horses) and human health. Avacta's proprietary biopharmaceutical laboratory instrumentation requires ultra-low sample volumes of proteins and other molecules. It is designed to measure the aggregation, unfolding and stability of a drug candidate under different physical, chemical and formulation conditions. Thus, it facilitates the selection of a lead compound at an early development stage, predicts stability characteristics and probes multiple stability indicating parameters. Avacta has developed a series of tests for environments (indoor and outdoor) and food allergy, malassezia, sarcoptes, staphylococcus. Other diagnostic laboratory based tests include Acute Phase Protein (APP) for the detection of inflammation, infection and trauma and a range of ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) licensed genetic tests.

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