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This is a UK-based biotechnology company specialised in adult epithelial stem cell operating, providing pre-clinical efficacy drug development services (fee-for-service basis) to the biopharmaceutical industry for the development of innovative therapeutics addressing oncology, gastroenterology, wound healing and dermatology therapeutic areas; a range of non-invasive biomarkers (personalised medicine) for drug development for the measurement of drug-induced changes in gene expression from individual hair plucked from patients undergoing cancer treatment; commenced Beta testing of GeneDrive a novel molecular diagnostic for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Additionally the company is developing its own proprietary novel therapeutics to control cell production by researching the key regulators (proteins/peptides) of epithelial cells. Epistem has signed collaboration agreements with sector giants Sanofi-Aventis for biomarker discovery and clinical support, and with Novartis for the development of novel drug discovery programme. Additionally, they have a long-standing programme with the US Government Biodefence programme.

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