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Hydrodec's technology was patented in 2001, with a first demonstration refining facility commencing construction in 2002. Successful start up of the demonstration facility accelerated the growth of Hydrodec, and resulted in the formation of Hydrodec Group plc, which listed on AIM in late 2004. Hydrodec's technology is a proven highly efficient oil re-refining and chemical process which is being initially targeted at the multi-billion US$ market for transformer oil used by the world's electricity industry. The Group takes spent oil, including polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contaminated oil as the primary feedstock which is then processed at its two plants enabling 99 per cent or greater recovery of oil for reuse while also eliminating PCBs a toxic additive banned under international regulations without environmentally harmful emissions. The group sees the USA Japan and East Asia as the gateway to early exploitation of the full potential of Hydrodec's technology.

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