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Valirx is a semi-virtual, emerging biopharmaceutical company based in London and listed on the Alternative Investment Market. It is focused on the development and commercialisation of ground breaking and disruptive gene silencing technologies for the development of a novel class of oncology therapeutics and diagnostics. The Company operates through two subsidiaries: ValiPharma and ValiMedix. ValiPharma is developing GeneICE (Gene Inactivation by Chromatin Engineering), a novel DNA silencing technology platform able to silence cancer causing genes. GeneICE consists of two synthetic molecule constructs, an oligonucleotide and a gene repression peptide. GeneICE construct is an epigenetic alternative to antisense and RNAi technologies. GeneICE drug candidates and control molecules are currently undergoing efficacy and safety studies. The R&D pipeline includes 2 pre-clinical compounds Val101 and Val201. Vali101 development is being financed through the awarding of 1.2m by the EUREKA EuroStars programme, a Pan-European collaborative initiative. The consortium consists of PentaBase (Denmark) and GenoSyst (Finland) with ValiRx being the leader. ValiMedix is an e-commerce distribution platform selling Over-the-Counter SELF-test diagnostic screening kits.

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